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Rehnuma welfare Foundation

  • Is a private incorporated on 3 May 2021. 
  • It is classified as non-government company and is registered at registrar of companies, Mumbai.
  • The Director of the Rahnuma welfare foundation are
    -Sadiya Naaz Riyaz Ahmed Shaikh, Reyaz Ahmed Shaikh.

The objectives of the trust are

To do work for charitable purpose includes relief of the poor, education, yoga, medical relief, preservation of environment including watersheds, forest and wildlife and preservation of monuments or places or objects of artistic aur historic interest and the environment of any other object of general public utility.

Setup, establish, maintain and operate welfare training centres, programs,social projects, schemes, institutes in order to support needy children and women to provide social welfare, health assistance and guidance in remote rural areas, to uplift the educational and economic standard of the deprived and weaker sections of the society, for the upliftment and welfare of masses, to work towards elimination of practice of child labour, human trafficking, Anti – Social elements, prevailing bad social customs, illiteracy, dowry system, child marriage, fanaticism and other superstitious customs.

About Our Director

Sadiya Naaz Riyaz Ahmed Shaikh

Education: completed B.A (Rizvi College, Mumbai);
Age: 19

She was born in Bihar but after 4 years her family migrated to Mumbai for better education and better prospects.

Previously, Sadiya had worked with MEEM.org to feed the people in Bihar’s Darbhanga who were affected by floods in 2020, and also helped several people to start their small businesses.
Being a social reform activist and a public speaker, she was recently awarded by the All India Women Achievers Award 2021 held on 18th December 2021 in Mysore, Karnataka, organised by Twell TV and Tanishq.
She was also a part of 100 inspiring women featured at the Global Women Inspiration Awards and Conclave 2021.
And on 20th December 2021 she was awarded by Humanitarian excellence award by ICan foundation.
Sadiya is also working with one of the Global KidsRights.org and has been a member of the Asia World Model United conference. In addition, she received an award for Emerging Social Work Leader of the year 2021

” I am humbled by these honours and they motivate me to work harder to change the lives of many young children and women from my country India. I will continue to work for child welfare and education with renewed energy and inspiration with your support,”

The Maulana Azad community library will stock all Bihar school boards plus NCERT syllabus books from standard 1 to 12. School children in the village can issue the books for use free of cost. Additionally the library will keep book on history, literature and another subjects that village children can also loan.

In additional we will stock support study materials for competitive aspirants. The library will also keep daily newspaper ( Hindi + Urdu) and monthly magazines.
We will also help out students to fill out forms for admissions and other such tasks taht many need , Our targets for the future are to also equip the library with computers and internet so that village children can have access to these facilities as well.

How will children receive education in such a scenario?

children are forced to discontinue their studies and put to working in field which is the major cause of increasing in child labour this happens in successive generation in many villages and as a result we remain and developed illiterate and backward I want help to change this I wanted to help every children who is suffering because of poverty to take advantage of opportunities and only a good education can give them just like I have been able to. does I want to start a community library in my believes that will provide free syllabus and additional supports books to all children from class 1 to 12 and even for competitive exams.

When the lockdown was announced earlier last year year I went back to my village Deora bandhauli with my family I came to realise that financially strong families like my have been able to migrate a rural centres for better prospects or have sent the children to cities for better education but

What about those who cannot afford this?

The children go to with the village government run school but they do not have access to basic facilities that you and I take for granted like good quality book for studies a lot of time villages have no option but to withdraw their wards from school because they cannot afford to buy even syllabus books prescribed.

What Is The Status Of The Project?

We are already running successfully one community library in Deora Bandhauli village of Darbhanga dist, Bihar where more than 250+ children’s are getting benefits of it.
Now we are working to start another library in another district of Bihar.

Please help me raised these funds, This community Library has the potential to help many children in many villages. It will encourage them to not stop schooling which in turn will mean less children working in fields and even child marriage for so many girls. Help me make India better educated, empowered and developed.

This is a cause that means a lot to me and I am really looking forward to achieving this goal. Please lend me your hand with your donations and shares. It would mean the world to me .

Thank you

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